For those who do not believe that we must learn our history lest we be
doomed to repeat it then this book is for you!  With the American Civil War
as a backdrop Soldier's Fight, Veteran's Vote: or How I Radicalized a
General is the story of how politicians used the Divide and Rule tactic to
ensure their own political existence. It tells how they had capitalized on the
patriotism of soldiers, veterans, and the American public to keep the
country divided which resulted in over 700,000 American lives.
     A must read for anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes look into
American politics of the 19th century. Soldier's Fight, Veteran's Vote
explains how political leaders manipulated events which led up to the Civil
War, the war itself and the Reconstruction era which followed. It is not by
accident that the reader will notice similarities between political events of
150 years ago and today. And just like today, by capitalizing on the
patriotism of the American people elected officials of yesteryear had
fought to keep the country divided in order to ensure party preservation
and push their own agenda.
     Soldier's Fight, Veteran's Vote also explains how the Grand Army of
the Republic was able to explode onto the political scene in post-war
America and how politicians were able to manipulate these Union veterans
to march on Washington should the need arise. Also revealed is how the
mission of the Grand Army of the Republic had transformed over time;
from its secretive years as a veteran voting bloc to the largest social,
benevolent, and integrated veteran organization of the 19th century.
Today the Grand Army of the Republic is no more but we see the indelible
mark it has left on our national soul. They were the forefathers of such
veteran service organizations as the American Legion and the Veterans of
Foreign Wars who continue to carry on the traditions set by the members
of the first prominent veteran organization in our history.