When author Robert is not
off playing soldier he can
be found lecturing on the
New York State Soldiers'
Home and the GAR. The
photo on the left shows
Robert speaking at the New
York State Museum
My interest in the Civil War began
in 1970 when my father Ronald W.
Yott and his brother Ernie became
founding members of the 1st US
Artillery, Battery K, N-SSA.
The sights, sounds and smell of so
many Civil War units, both North
and South, competing with muskets,
carbines, cannon and mortars was
very intoxicating.
The rest is, as they say, history
Union Blue Sutlery was established in 2007
when I began promoting my latest book
From Soldiers’ Home to Medical Center.
With a renewed interest in the Civil War my
wife Mona and I began attending
reenactments selling “souvenirs of the
battlefields." Now, Robert dons a uniform
and grabs a musket while Mona minds the
My new project involves taking this
White Oak from the woods and
transforming it into the beautiful tool of
war shown below! To follow the
progress Like our page on Facebook...
1st New York Light Artillery Battery E
Here it is and it's FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!
My new project is now to build a 6pdr so I must let
this one go. Howitzer w/limber and implements;
9,000 buys it all!!! Please contact me at